A Note from the GM

We are looking forward to the 2018 Golf Season. Here are a few updates about what to expect this season.

Course Improvements:
The Foxbridge team is excited to announce that the construction on the north course is almost done! We are thrilled with the direction that the course has taken, including the rerouting of the north course. Among some of the changes you can expect are 4 new tee blocks, and a brand new Par 3. The team built an island tee deck on that Par 3, which we are delighted with the end result. During the construction Foxbridge decided to combine 2 holes into 1, making a new challenging Par 5. With the new tee blocks, we moved one in particular back 30 yards. We are very thankful for all the patience and understanding with the redesign, and we hope that you enjoy the course in the 2018 season. With a little help from mother nature, we look forward to an early golf season.
Cheers to this year’s 2018 season!

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