Welcome to the 2017 Golf Season!

Changes in Foxbridge Golf Personnel!

We are proud to introduce our new pro, Zack Creed, who was introduced to us by our old pro, Brad Hickey. Thanks, Brad, for helping to build the business through the transition from the old clubhouse, to no clubhouse, to the new one. We wish you the best in your new 9 to 5 weekday job. And thanks for suggesting Zack as your replacement.

Originally from Oakville,in addition to being a great golfer, Zack is also a former Olympic volleyball player and high school basketball player.

Zack graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas’s Professional Golf Management program in 2009. He has worked at several prestigious private facilities such as Crooked Stick Golf Club (IN), The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club (IN), Highland Golf Club (IN), and most recently Ballen Isles Country Club (FL). He recently moved home to Canada and was looking for small-town living. We hope everyone welcomes him to Uxbridge.

We at Foxbridge are very excited to have Zack on board and look forward to benefiting from his experience!

Enjoy Year Round and Rainy Day Golf with our simulator

 Foxbridge is excited to announce our partnership with Zone Golf In Simulators.

You can choose to play up to 30 golf courses, from Pebble Beach to Augusta National or Banff Springs – right here in Uxbridge! You can also hit the range or even work on your short game on the practice green. Come enjoy a meal or a beer at Scrambles and keep up your skills any time.The simulator is in high demand. To book a tee time please call 905-852-7962

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